Brian Kim

"Kim has a strong interest in the arts, design, music, and online learning opportunities."

Brian Kim is a data scientist with a strong interest in marketing.

About Brian Kim

Brian Kim is a data scientist who is passionate about marketing. He's employed a range of machine learning and statistical models to extract "signal" from "noise" in different types of media data as a data scientist focusing in marketing science. Two types of data were used: programmatic advertising and social media data.
Kim started his data science career in 2017 with Healthy Bytes, a New York-based healthcare startup, where he used the Python programming language to do exploratory data analysis on insurance claim data. To obtain data from the MongoDB document database, he built an Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) pipeline. He utilized Tableau software and Python to analyze data and create visualizations for business and management reports. In order to ensure compliance with HIPAA requirements, Kim also employed machine-learning algorithms to analyze health insurance data. While executing all of these functions, he reported directly to the company's CEO and CTO.